Protecting people and the environment is a critical aspect of responsible, successful business operations and is expected not only by regulators, but by stakeholders and the general public.

明升体育app delivers tailored and comprehensive environmental, health and safety (EHS) management consulting and compliance services to multi-sector clients worldwide. From corporate-level environmental policy development and enterprise-wide assessments, to facility-level EHS outsourcing initiatives and support, our team provides our clients with information to eliminate or reduce EHS risks and then proactively establish programs to manage the remaining EHS responsibilities in a cost-effective manner.

Located in more than 600 offices globally, 我们确保无缝, 一致的, highly effective consulting and compliance services with in-depth knowledge of local/regional EHS requirements and a worldwide network of technical and regulatory expertise.


  • Dedicated Management Consulting Practice — We offer risk-based assessments with a focus on EHS issues as well as guidance on funding and resource allocations to implement cost-effective EHS management processes. 我们开发增值, customized and sustainable EHS compliance and management programs, and provide employee training in EHS policies, 程序和遵从性.
  • Regulatory Knowledge/Global Reach — Our active network of regional EHS regulatory specialists has in-depth knowledge of EHS legislation at a local level as well as across states/provinces and countries.
  • Industry Knowledge/Technical Experience — Our industry knowledge and technical process experience encompasses work with a variety of market sector clients, 包括石油和天然气, 化工/制药, 权力, 工业制造, retail and governmental agencies.
  • Expert Resources, Superior Performance — We have experience in ISO 14001, 18001年纪录, RC14001 / rcm, ISO 50001 and other certifiable management systems, and we implement monitoring/auditing programs to effectively measure EHS performance. With our team’s outsourcing capability, we can work as part of our clients’ EHS teams or independently.


  • EHS 合规 Program Development and Implementation
  • Process 安全 Evaluations, Siting and Management
  • Industrial Hygiene Monitoring, Assessments and Management
  • 合规 and Management Systems 设计 and Implementation Support
  • Global EHS Regulatory Knowledge Support
  • EHS Training Program Development and Delivery Support
  • EHS Audit Program Development, Management, Implementation and Third-party Evaluations
  • International Audit Practice Consortium (IAPC) Leadership Forum
  • Outsourcing Support for EHS 合规 and Management Programs
  • EHS Management Information Systems 设计, Implementation and Support
  • Merger and Acquisition Support, Asset/Transaction Due Diligence