Liuchuan is a metropolitan river that flows through the densely populated elite area of Taichung City. Its water quality has been deteriorated for a long time under the influence of people's sewage along the banks, and it has also become a blind spot in the urban landscape due to the planning of hard dikes on the banks in the past。In order to improve water quality and water pollution in liuchuan, the Taichung Municipal government set up intercepting side ditches to intercept part of people's sewage in the densely populated elite river section of Liuchuan, and adopted river and sewage separation methods to improve water quality。

Phase I of the scheme includes the completion of sewage interception and Chinese water treatment works at liuqiao section from Chongde to Nantun,The water treated in the water purification plant is put back into Liuchuan,Low impact development facilities will be set up from Zhongzheng Liuqiao to Minmin Liuqiao,Through water quality improvement and environmental landscape construction,Restore liuchuan vitality,Improve people's quality of life。The scope of the succeeding phase ii works covers the water quality survey and improvement strategy from Old She Park to Section 6 of Central Road, and the continuation of the phase I works for landscape planning and detailed design from Kum Kwan Liu Bridge to Lam Sam Liu Bridge。

The first phase of the project is the first lid-based landscape riverbank in Taiwan,It has won the Gold Award of Public Engineering Quality in 2016 and the National Outstanding Construction Award in 2017,In July 2017, it won the first place in the online poll of "Top ten Scenic Spots in Downtown Taichung city" held by taichung Tourism Bureau,Become a popular "Punch in spot"。

Won the award

  • 2021 Taichung City Government Public Works Award
  • 2017 National Excellence In Construction Award
  • Gold Award of Public Engineering Quality in 2016